Clusters 2.0 at ITS Hellas Conference 2019

Clusters 2.0 participated in the 5th ΙΤS Hellas Conference on 17th and 18th  December 2019 in Athens, Greece.

What is ITS Hellas Conference?

ITS Hellas Conference is a major event organised under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Its aim is to discuss the broad deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as a tool to achieve economic growth and prosperity and ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of transport for the benefit of the respective industry, the end-users and the environment.

This year’s edition was entitled “Intelligent Transport Systems in Greece: Latest developments and gathered prominent Greek and European speakers to discuss and present a number of key-topics, through several sessions and round table discussions.

Why did Clusters 2.0 participate?

As an innovative project advancing sustainable logisticsClusters 2.0 participated in ITS Hellas Conference to promote its solutions towards Intelligent freight transport and sustainable mobility through ITS technologies.

SEAbility presented the innovations of the project to attendees interested in exchanging knowledge and discussing common challenges about innovative logistics. Also, Clusters 2.0 was presented with other European Research and Innovation projects such as COREALISCyber-MARELVITENICT4CART , thus contributing to successful  international cooperation towards a more sustainable logistics system.

Clusters 2.0 Dissemination material at ITA Hellas Conference 2019
Clusters 2.0 dissemination material shared at ITS Hellas Conference 2019

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