Cluster Community System (CluCS), a solution by Clusters 2.0, was presented by consortium members to potential external partners on 12th June 2019 in Bologna, Italy.

What is CluCS?

Cluster Community System (CluCS) is an IT platform leveraging synergies between logistics and intermodal nodes through the efficient management of information and operations of the supply chain. The IT platform will be initially tested in the rail and road connections between Interporto Bologna and other logistics nodes of the Emilia-Romagna region. Then, it will be extended to the Trieste area becoming a Cluster.

Who is Consorzio IB Innovation?

Consorzio IB Innovation is the spin-off company of Interporto Bologna dedicated to R&D activities. Along with the technological support of the IT provider DBA Lab, it is responsible for the creation and testing of CluCS.

Why was CluCS presented in Bologna?

CluCS was presented to potential partners external to Clusters 2.0 (terminal operators, LSPs, Shippers, railway companies, infrastructure/hub managers, etc.) from Emilia-Romagna.

Massimo Bagozzi and Matteo Apollonio from DBA Lab presenting CLuCS.

Firstly, Alice Benini from Consorzio IB Innovation presented Clusters 2.0. Secondly, Matteo Apollonio and Massimo Bagozzi from DBA Lab turned to the detail of CluCS. Finally, Paolo Paganelli from Bluegreen, Clusters 2.0 innovation management manager, presented a draft business model for CluCS. Before concluding the event, the attendees have evaluated CluCS and its business model through a questionnaire.

Paolo Paganelli from Bluegreen presenting the business model.

The user-centred perspective of the workshop resulted in interactive and constructive feedback about CluCS. We have gathered specific indications about what challenges could end-users face when using it, as well as what improvements are needed in view of its exploitation. Participants also stated their availability to cooperate to develop the CluCS platform.

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