Executive Board Dec 12th 2017

Executive Board Dec 12th 2017

CLUSTERS 2.0 Project Executive Board – December 12th and 13th

On December 12th and 13th the Executive Board of Clusters met in Brussels, with the objectives to plan the upcoming innovations to improve the performance of logistic hubs around Europe. Procter & Gamble hosted the meeting, which consisted of important presentations by members from entities such as PTV, Nallian, Interporto di Bologna Innovation, Fraunhofer and more.

The board discussed main issues such as supply chain approach, scope and priority within logistic clusters and what to show and test within the next six months. After considering different options to approach a New Modular Logistic Units, a specific proposal was presented. In addition to this, Cargo Stream solutions described its ecosystem, and Cluster Community System commented their updates regarding these matters.  All of this will be crucial at all organization levels during the periods to come.

Next phase: prototyping.

Exciting things are coming!